Matthew McConaughey to Reprise His Role as Wooderson?

While Matthew McConaughey might be a full on movie star by now (especially after his turn in The Lincoln Lawyer), but I think just about everyone remembers the first role that made him famous, as David Wooderson in Richard Linklater‘s classic Dazed and Confused.  Since, the character has become a cultural meme of sorts, being the basis for a lot of Halloween costumes, and even a few Family Guy jokes.  Now, The Playlist is reporting that Richard Linklater is saying that Wooderson will return in a “spiritual sequel” to Dazed and Confused, possibly called That’s What I’m Talking About that would feature Wooderson in Los Angeles.

Linklater also says:

“It’s not really a sequel; that’s a word that just kind of comes out. They’re not the same characters….That’s just another film like Bernie that I’m wanting to make, and maybe someday I’ll get the money to do it.”

The talk comes after McConaughey appeared in a music video by Butch Walker and the Black Widows called “Synthesizers” where he ends up playing the trumpet for a bit.  At this point, I will watch McConaughey in anything that isn’t a romantic comedy, as he has proven his acting chops in more than a few films, and I’m really looking forward to his appearance in Killer Joe from director William Friedken, which has gained notoriety because of its NC-17 rating.

Although it doesn’t seem like the film is on the fast track, it’s a cool idea, and I think something that would do well at the box office if someone actually got behind it and put the financing up.

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