More Matt Damon & Paul Greengrass In First ‘Jason Bourne’ Trailer

Matt Damon said he’d never return to the Bourne franchise without director Paul Greengrass and director Paul Greengrass said that he has no interest in doing another Bourne film without Damon.

Well, it looks like they’re both coming back and it couldn’t have been a better time, especially after that dud of a film titled The Bourne Legacy, starring a misguided Jeremy Renner.

This new installment is simply dubbed Jason Bourne and features more of that shaky cam combat, with the usual ass-kicking Bourne trying to figure out his past (or perhaps maybe his future?).

I’m not exactly sure what the plot is about this time around, but Damon is looking great and Greengrass’ direction seems to be on point, as usual.

You diggin’ it?


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