Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ Gets A New Character-Heavy Trailer

I was all on board for Marvel’s “street-level” Avengers when they introduced us to Daredevil on Netflix. but then Jessica Jones left a bad taste in my mouth and Luke Cage bored me to tears.

But then a glimmer of hope came back as The Iron Fist sort of tried to balance the blandness of Cage and Jones, but then I looked at the length of the season and remembered that most of these Marvel shows (aside from Daredevil) fizzle out after five or six episodes.

Still, The Defenders sounds like a good idea, but will anyone care to stick around for it?

I’m still a die-hard Daredevil TV show fan, because I thought both seasons were great. But I’m not so much invested in the other characters anymore.

I suppose a quick team-up season is going to hurt anything and worse comes to worse it’ll give me more Daredevil, but what else can Marvel to do bring back the fans?

Which Marvel Netflix show is your favorite?

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