Marvel Wants James Gunn To Direct Guardians Of The Galaxy

One thing I really like about Marvel as of late is their attraction to really great directors. They brought on Joss Whedon to do The Avengers, because they knew he could do the source material justice and because he’s great with team-oriented projects.

Whedon was a bold choice, because when compared to other more popular action directors his resume comes up a little short. Still, Marvel stuck with him and the result is one of the biggest movies of all-time.

It looks like they want to reproduce that result by approaching James Gunn for their Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Gunn is known mostly for his films Slither and Super, which are small, clever and violent in a Troma sort of way.

This could be his big break that he’s been waiting for or at least something to help him secure funds for more of his riskier and much smaller productions.

I like Gunn a lot and I’d love to see him get the job. What about you?

(via THR)

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