Marvel Moves Edgar Wright’s ‘Ant-Man’ To Summer 2015


It’s been planned for quite sometime now that Ant-Man will mark the beginning of Marvel’s Phase Three on November 6th, 2015. However, Disney and Marvel have now decided to move the film up five months for a July 31st, 2015 release.

Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and The World’s End) will be directing the film based on a screenplay co-written by himself and Joe Cornish. An actor has yet to be cast as the titular hero but I’m sure an announcement will be made soon as filming is expected to start early next year.

The release date shift places Ant-Man two weeks after the untitled Man of Steel sequel, which can be a risky move on Marvel’s part to schedule a film featuring a lesser-known superhero two weeks after a film that features both Superman and Batman. The film will be Marvel’s second film of that after The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will arrive in theaters on May 1st, 2015.

Does the release shift mean that Disney has bigger plans for the winter of 2015? When I mean “bigger plans”, I mean Star Wars: Episode VII of course. Check back for more updates on Ant-Man as they come our way.

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