Marvel Continues The Secrets In Their Short Film Item 47

Remember when Marvel said they were going to be making short films that tied into The Avengers? They went ahead and released a few on the Thor and Captain America Blu-ray’s, but they were mostly connective pieces that glued some of the loose ends together, featuring Agent Coulson.

It looks like Marvel has went ahead with this secret short film operation and the first short will debut on The Avengers Blu-ray. It’s called Item 47 and it stars Lizzy Caplan as part of a couple that discovers a Chitauri gun and decides to start robbing some banks.

This could be a chance to bring some minor Marvel characters into the giant Avengers world and I’m looking forward to seeing how detailed they plan on going with these. Could we start to expect these to play in front of upcoming Marvel films, much like Disney/Pixar does their animated shorts?

(via EW)

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