Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ May Move To 2014

the wolf of wall street

Before anyone watched the fantastic trailer for Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, many had it pegged as a big awards contender. The Leonardo DiCaprio-led film, based on Jordan Belfort’s memoir, chronicles the rise and fall of a hard-partying and drug-addicted New York stockbroker in the 1980s who lives the party life with the millions he makes. In 1998, Belfort was indicted for security fraud and money laundering. It appears that the chances for an awards season run may be slim. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount may delay the film until sometime in 2014.

According to industry insiders, the current cut of the film is a lengthy 180 minutes, which may be the reason why the film may be delayed as Scorsese works with producers to cut down the running time. Paramount and Scorsese hope that the film will be completed by December so that the film will still qualify for an awards season run. HitFlix reports that the first cut has also been given a temporary NC-17 rating, which the studio doesn’t want to bank on.

If the film isn’t completed by December, then we may have to wait until sometime next year. If the film is completed by the holiday season, then Paramount will push back the Kenneth Branagh-directed spy thriller Jack Ryan: Shadow One starring Chris Pine and Keira Knightley from December 25th, 2013 to January 17th, 2014 and release The Wolf of Wall Street on December 25th instead. The film was supposed to premiere at the New York Film Festival but that has obviously been cancelled.

Make sure to check back for more updates as an official decision is made.

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