Martin Scorsese Done Shooting On Film, Switches To Digital

Legendary director Martin Scorsese is done shooting on film. His longtime editor Thelma Schoonmaker told Empire that the director has “lost the battle” to digital and that from here on out he’ll be making everything on the digital medium.

This is truly shocking news to me and probably to most of the film-lovers world. There’s just something saddening about knowing that one of the best movie-makers of all-time is no longer going to be working with celluloid.

He did however mention that his upcoming film Wolf of Wall Street will be shot in traditional 2D and not 3D, which is reassuring.

The battle between film and digital is almost over, with digital having the advantage in cinemas and in costs when it comes to filming. I’ve always tried to stay out of the battle, but I can’t but help to feel a little nostalgic when it comes to watching movies on film versus digital. There’s just something about it that digital can’t capture, despite looking ultra-clear and crisp.

Here’s to Scorsese’s epic career of movies shot on film. I doubt the switch is going to affect his quality, but it’s still worth noting.


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