Mark Wahlberg Confirms Ted 2


In 2012 Family Guy writer/director/star Seth MacFarlane made his way into full-length films with the stoner teddy bear comedy Ted. It followed an idiot man-child (Mark Wahlberg) and his raunchy and immature stuffed animal companion Ted (voiced by MacFarlane). The R-rated comedy went on to gross over $400 million dollars for Universal and a sequel was almost guaranteed at that point. It was only a matter of when and who would be returning.

Now, star Mark Wahlberg goes on record to confirm the sequel:

“There is a Ted 2,” Wahlberg told the Anderson Live audience. “We’ve already locked a deal. They’re off writing now and I’ve never done a sequel before, but I have just so much confidence in Seth. He’s such a talented and funny guy.”

Personally, I’m not all too impressed. I thought Ted was a complete dud that had maybe one or two good jokes at best. Seth MacFarlane has a particular brand of humor and if it works for you then this should come as good news, but everyone else might want to just stay away for Ted 2.

Expect the sequel sometime over the next two years. I’m sure Universal is rushing to get it out.


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