Marc Webb Not Returning For Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Sony’s Spider-Man reboot titled The Amazing Spider-Man has managed to gather some decent cash at the box office, despite being a fairly new reboot and despite gathering some mixed reviews. I personally loved it, but many critics generally hated it and felt that it went against the character.

It also doesn’t help that the film came out during a busy time at the movies, especially with The Dark Knight Rises opening up this past Friday. The Amazing Spider-Man is still the lowest grossing Spider-Man film, with only $538 million worldwide compared to the other films, which brought in $700 million plus worldwide.

CHUD is saying that Sony still wants to go ahead with the sequel, but that they might need to find someone else to direct it, because Marc Webb has a contract with Fox, which might make him unavailable whenever Sony wants to get The Amazing Spider-Man 2 going.

Would this be a massive obstacle for you or do you think Sony should be looking for a new director regardless?

I’m not sure where I stand just yet. I liked The Amazing Spider-Man, but I’m not sure how much of that was a combination of the writing and acting and how much of that was because of Webb’s direction. To put things into better perspective for myself I just look back at his other film, (500) Days of Summer, which I hated with a passion.

Yeah, start looking for someone else.

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