Marc Webb Might Be Doing Amazing Spider-Man 2 After All

We recently covered the story about director Marc Webb possibly not returning for Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man sequel, but now it looks like he just might. Amazing Spider-Man sort of had a troubled launch, with the studio not liking what Webb came up with, which resulted in the final cut of the film coming out drastically different than what was advertised as the untold story.

Naturally, we thought that meant Webb would go his separate ways with the franchise, especially since he still owed Fox a film.

LA Times is reporting that Sony wants Webb back (and that Webb wants to go back) to direct The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The only stipulation would be that Webb would now owe Fox 2 films, instead of the previous one.

That’s a big commitment to a studio, but on the flip side this is Spider-Man who we’re talking about. I’m sure the paycheck will secure Webb into the second installment.

Are you excited for Webb to return? Do you even want a sequel?


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