‘Man Of Steel 2’ On Its Way, Plus ‘Justice League’ Writer Confirmed?


Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel isn’t even out in theaters, yet we have reports from trusted sources that say Man of Steel 2 is being fast-tracked, with writer David S. Goyer returning on script duties and Zack Snyder returning as director. If this is true, then expect to see them going behind the lens as soon as early next year.

There’s also a bit of Justice League progression. Apparently Goyer is now attached to that too, which would make him the go-to guy for WB’s DC rights.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if WB started pushing a sequel already, but don’t be worried when they quiet down on it later this summer, unless it’s an absolute smash hit. I have no doubt that we’ll see more Superman and eventually the Justice League, but this is all moving a bit too fast.

I see Man of Steel tonight, with my review to follow as soon as embargo breaks!

Source : Deadline

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