Main Street Trailer

Oscar winner Colin Firth has an extremely annoying accent in this upcoming film called Main Street, which has been finished for two years now. Usually when a film with actors of this level is put on the shelf that means it’s not that good. The reviews so far haven’t proven that claim to be false, so I think its best we just stay away from this one altogether.

Main Street looks like a boring melodrama with a so-so cast. Sure, Firth is an Oscar winner, but I have yet to find a movie I actually really enjoyed him in and Orlando Bloom is very hit or miss, mostly miss. Want my advice? Look at the poster, try watching the trailer and then forget this film ever existed.

Main Street stars Colin Firth, Orlando Bloom, Amber Tamblyn, Ellen Burstyn and Patricia Clarkson. It is scheduled for a theatrical release on September 9th, 2011 and a video on demand release on August 5th, 2011. Don’t waste your money in either form.

Check out the trailer below, thanks to The Film Stage:

Official Synopsis:

From Horton Foote, Oscar winning screenwriter of To Kill a Mockingbird and Tender Mercies, comes MAIN STREET, a moving ensemble drama starring Oscar winner Colin Firth, Orlando Bloom, Oscar nominee Patricia Clarkson, Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn, and Andrew McCarthy. The lives of the residents of a small Southern city are changed forever by the arrival of a stranger with a controversial plan to save their decaying hometown.

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