‘Mad Max’ Sequels Coming Says George Miller

Director George Miller blew the entire world away this past weekend with the release of Mad Max: Fury Road.

Fury Road isn’t just a bad ass movie that demands your attention right now, but it’s also one of the best action movies in a long time and is probably going to end up being the best action flick of this year. Check out my review right here.

It’s that good.

And it’s responding well, with a number two opening at the box office this past weekend in the U.S., while also grabbing a decent-sized load of money around the world.

Miller went onto Twitter to say that more Max is to come, which could mean a sequel of some sorts or more spinoffs with other crazy characters.

We do know that a fifth film, titled Mad Max: The Wasteland has been written and that star Tom Hardy is signed on to do at least three more films.

So, expect more Max in the future.

If you want to guarantee this happens (or if you just want to be blown away from pure awesomeness) check out Mad Max: Fury Road immediately on the biggest and loudest screen possible.

You’ll thank me later.

Source : Twitter

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