Machete Producers Trying To Kill The Sequel

Usually Danny Trejo‘s character in the Grindhouse film Machete is the one doing all of the killing, but in this rare case the producers of the original film want to kill Robert Rodriguez‘s sequel.

Overnight Productions wants to end their relationship with Rodriguez and his production company, which could threaten the release of the upcoming sequel Machete Kills. They plan on suing for $2 million dollars and possibly regaining the rights to the character that were once established in a contractual agreement.

This wouldn’t be the first time someone came after a film or property leading into release. Something similar was battling over at WB over Superman not too long ago. It’s just a matter of people being greedy and trying to get as much money out of something as possible.

I doubt Machete Kills will get pulled completely and an agreement will be met or the film will be postponed in the most extreme of cases.

Machete Kills as it stands is scheduled for a release next year.

Source : Deadlin

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