MacGruber Director Jorma Taccone To Helm Spy Guys

MacGruber director Jorma Taccone is looking to follow up the cult-classic comedy with a cross between Mission: Impossible, Ocean’s Eleven and True Lies. This concoction of a film will be called Spy Guys and it will be produced by frequent SNL collaborators Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer.

Taccone at one point discussed the possibility of doing MacGruber 2, but it looks like that won’t be seeing the light of day until he and Will Forte can get a little bit of funding, which means it has a very slim chance of ever happening.

Spy Guys sounds like decent enough material, with the plot following a wanted CIA agent that seeks help from friends (that don’t know he’s an agent) and ends up getting their faces thrown on a couple of wanted posters in the process. The rest of the film will likely follow the group as they clear their names and strengthen their bond of friendship.

It could work if Taccone rounds up a respectable cast of comedians, like Forte and Samberg for example.

Could Spy Guys be the next best MacGruber?

(via THR)

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