Long-Awaited Horror Film You’re Next Gets Release Date

Adam Wingard‘s horror film You’re Next premiered at last year’s TIFF and it was met with rave reviews and lots and lots of positive buzz. Most thought Lionsgate’s quick pick up meant a release sometime in 2012, but it looks like they’ve got different plans for the horror flick.

They’ve announced that they plan on releasing it on August 23rd, 2013. This means that they see potential in it, because August is a prime slot for horror films to flourish, just look at The Possession and The Last Exorcism.

It’s also somewhat disappointing, because they could have plopped it in prime-time October for a more fitting release around Halloween, but they probably don’t want the competition with Paramount’s Paranormal Activity 4.

The director even talked to /Film about making a sequel and getting it done before the first one even sees a release:

“I think I have a really fun idea for a sequel and, I mean, the thing about it is maybe it’s going to work out, because maybe the film will come out and even if it’s a little bit later than October and if it does well and a sequel is greenlit, maybe at that point we would feel more comfortable coming back as a team and doing it. Whereas right now, if the movie was going to go into production, we would probably try to tailor it for another director and writing team for a rewrite. Maybe if the timing works out and we feel, career-wise, comfortable enough to jump into a sequel, which obviously is a risky thing, but the idea that we have I think is such a fun kind of approach to a sequel. Basically we would take it like the first movie is ALIEN and the next movie is ALIENS.”

Are you excited to finally see You’re Next?

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