Listen To Director Rian Johnson While Watching Looper

Just wanted to remind everyone that Looper is still in theaters across the nation. It opened pretty strong and should hold up decently over the next couple weeks. Expect Taken 2 to make a dent in its demographic, but that shouldn’t stop you from continuing to talk about it.

Director Rian Johnson wants to make sure you don’t stop spreading the good word, because he’s went out of his way and recorded and audio track that is to be listened to during a viewing of Looper. He suggests that you obviously do this on your second (or third or fourth) viewing and that you should make sure to not distract others while doing so.

He’s previously done this for The Brothers Bloom and this will be a bit more technical than the one that will drop on the Blu-ray release.

I’d love to try this out, but the only thing I’m worried about is volume levels. I don’t want to have to blast my audio device whenever things pick up on-screen and I’d rather not have to pull it out to adjust volume.

Has anyone done this before? Will you be trying it with Looper?

Click here to download the track.


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