Listen To Clint Mansell’s Entire Musical Score For ‘Noah’ Right Now


Darren Aronofsky‘s biblical epic Noah opens this weekend and I can assure you that it’s nothing like you’re going to expect. Seriously, Paramount has done a more than lousy job selling and marketing this film, because it’s far from your typical Hollywood epic or retelling of an age old tale.


Noah is a visually dense film that pushes Aronofsky as a storyteller and presents many complexities. It’s not perfect and far from flawless, but definitely something that you should see for yourself to form your own opinions.

Aronofsky collaborated with musical composer Clint Mansell on this one, much like his other works. Together, the two still hold one of the best scores ever, in The Fountain and now they’ve re-teamed to try and capture that magic again.

While I don’t think that they’ve nailed it, I do certainly think that they’ve come awfully close.

Stream the entire thing for free below, via Spotify or pickup the disc/digital copy wherever you purchase your music.

*My current favorite track off of the album is #5, titled Make Thee An Ark.

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