Lionsgate Open To The Idea Of Remaking The Saw Franchise

Remakes and reboots are trending high in Hollywood, with Sony’s recent The Amazing Spider-Man showing that you can reboot a franchise still fresh in our minds and make something different and unique. Still, there’s that natural fatigue that comes with knowing studios are getting lazy and simply digging into the past to provide us with films for the future.

The latest Total Recall ended up being a dud, both critically and financially, which doesn’t mean a damn thing as far as studios giving previous properties the greenlight for revival. The only thing that might change is the budget and scope of said remakes or the possibility of rebooting into sequel territory, like Universal’s The Bourne Legacy.

Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that Lionsgate has been tinkering with the idea of rebooting the Saw franchise. The original film, directed by James Wan (Death Sentence, Insidious), came out back in 2004, with a sequel following almost every year until 2010’s Saw 3D.

They left the film open enough for a return and cast members even went on to say that Lionsgate had plans for ten films, which was hinting at the series simply taking a break and recharging the batteries. Nothing really ever came of that, especially after Paramount’s Paranormal Activity series started climbing higher and higher in ticket sales each year.

Just thinking about a Saw remake makes me lose hope in the horror genre as a whole. It’s no secret that horror has taken a severe dive in quality, at least in America. What we need right now is young filmmakers getting the proper push to show their horror creations on a wide release scale. Recently they’ve had to resort to VOD service and limited releasing, which is great for us fans, but bad for bigger studios seeing profits.

This is coming from a Saw fan. I loved the first film and thought the sequels held up well, but eventually got a little too off task. I liked the general idea and I didn’t mind the blood or gore to accompany Jigsaw’s twisted little games. I’d much rather see a well thought out sequel than a remake.

We don’t need another origins tale. We don’t need another Jigsaw. Tobin Bell did a fantastic job and the only way another Saw film would work is if he came back for a sequel.

Do you think we need a Saw remake already?

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