Lionsgate Greenlights a Lincoln Lawyer Sequel

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of author Michael Connelly and his many books and characters.  I was elated when I heard the pedigree of the people involved with The Lincoln Lawyer and I was very pleased with the final outcome of the movie.   When I heard about the ABC series being developed, I was worried about the loss of integrity in the writing, but John Romano (scripter of the Lincoln Lawyer film) and original author Michael Connelly being brought in to write the show gave me confidence.

Now Lionsgate is at work on a second Lincoln Lawyer, and my only question is, what will be its basis?  Two of the Mickey Haller books are deeply intertwined with Connelly’s beloved Harry Bosch character, so I almost think they might skip over those and go straight to The Fifth Witness, where Haller is working foreclosure cases to pay the bills when one of his clients is accused of murder.

Various different entities and companies own the rights to the 19 different books featuring Bosch, although Michael had mentioned there was a vast attempt by one studio to get as many as they could, but it’s not something he really concerns himself with.  There has long been demand for Bosch films, but the books are so complicated and extensive, major studios don’t know where to start, although I’m surprised no one has yet attempted to just make one out of order anyway.

Connelly fans at least get to see more of his work adapted to the big screen, and if the same people are on quality control, and McConaughey returns as Haller, we’ll have another great movie on our hands any way you slice it.  What do you think?  Is this, as SlashFilm said, “Unwanted”?  I’ve enjoyed all the Haller books so far…

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