Lionsgate And Summit To Merge?

Summit Entertainment has been slowly making a rise as an independent studio because of its highly successful Twilight series and now with that ending the future isn’t looking so clear for them. Lionsgate on the other hand has been the leader of mainstream horror for the longest time until the Saw series retired (for now). They have a popular teen book to film series their hoping to boot up and cash in on called The Hunger Games, which has to make at least $100 million to be considered for a sequel.

With the ending of the Twilight series and the start of The Hunger Games brings forth the idea of a merger. According to Bloomberg both companies have been in talks regarding a merger deal. In the past both companies tried reaching a deal, but the price was an issue, but now it’s looking like that pricing kink might have been sorted out.

What this means for us is simply the merging of two of the biggest independent studios. Lionsgate has been obviously struggling in recent years trying to find the right direction since horror has taken a dump lately and Summit is still in the early stages to really be considered a genre specific studio. Drive Angry kind of bombed earlier this year, but Twilight was successful and 50/50 didn’t do too shabby.

I see the merger being a great thing for Lionsgate and not the greatest for Summit. Lionsgate is in some debt right now and The Hunger Games is a big gamble, where Summit isn’t having any problems generating lower budget films that appeal to certain crowds. I generally like the stuff Summit pumps out where Lionsgate‘s non-horror stuff is always kind of iffy.

What are your thoughts on the possible merger?

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