Limp Bizkit Signs With Cash Money; Wait, What?

Limp Bizkit is moving on up in the world, again. They are being noticed widely today for the first time since they reunited in 2009. This time it isn’t for some outlandish asshole’ness that Fred Durst pulled, no, it is because Limp Bizkit signed with well known record label, Cash Money (Or YMCMB). Yes the nu-metal band will be along side as popular “acts” as Lil’ Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and of course, Birdman.

This doesn’t come off as much of a surprise, being that Limp Bizkit had worked with Lil Wayne during the Gold Cobra sessions and actually recorded a song. That song was never released because issues dealing with the bands former label, Flip/Interscope, and Cash Money. Well that song may now see the light of day.

Now that LB is back on a label, will we see another album come out soon? Or will they just tour more and wait another 3 years to maybe release it. I know that guitarist Wes Borland is working on a side project with his band Black Light Burns, so who knows when that will be completed and he can move back to Limp Bizkit.

What do you think of this whole story? Do you think Limp Bizkit is past it’s time, or are you looking forward to what may come from this? Or, do you just think Fred Durst is still an asshole?

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