Liam Neeson Returns (YET AGAIN) For ‘Tak3n’. Watch The Trailer And Cry


Oh Liam Neeson. Can you please just stop this Taken nonsense already? The first film was a surprisingly awesome action revenger that got gutted for American audiences and then somehow made a boatload of money for Fox. Then, they tried to strike gold again by releasing a PG-13 sequel that absolutely sucked and yet people STILL turned up for it.

So what do you do now?


Neeson promised not to return again if the plot revolved around people taking his daughter, so now they’re taking someone else for the third entry, annoyingly titled Tak3n.

I’m not looking forward to swallowing this one, especially after Neeson has been on a roll with GOOD films, like The Grey and A Walk Among the Tombstones.

Check out the trailer below, even though you’ve already seen this film when it was titled Taken 2.


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