Liam Neeson Returns To Ass-Kicking Mode In ‘Run All Night’ Trailer


Liam Neeson is such a hard actor to love. On one hand, he does awesome work that puts him at the top of his game, like the criminally under-rated The Grey and last year’s  A Walk Among the Tombstones (which is equally under-rated and you should check it out once it hits Blu-ray on Tuesday) and then on the other hand he does awful stuff like Taken 2, Taken 3 and Unknown.

I hate it when he does “safe” action movies that cater to the most generic and bland crowds possible. The edgier the better, especially when fused with a little ass-kicking and hopefully decent filming from whoever is behind the camera.

Neeson is re-teaming with Non-Stop director Jaume Collet-Serra for Run All Night and it looks great. It looks like a much more gritty and R-rated version of Taken, leveled off in a world that’s slightly more real. That’s not really saying much, yet my excitement levels are much higher for this than the inevitable Taken 4.

The film drops in April and we have an awesome first trailer to share with you directly below this line:

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