Liam Neeson Agrees To ‘Taken 3’ for $20 Million


Taken 2 was horrid. Just absolutely awful and easily one of the worst film’s of 2012. I have no idea how Taken 3 is going to happen, but it will.

Liam Neeson mentioned in various interviews last year that he just didn’t see a way to make Taken 3 without the audience simply slapping their face in massive disbelief, but the second film did better than the first, which was considered a huge success, so a third entry is coming.

I’m almost laughing at this point. How the hell are they going to come up with a slightly-believable plot surrounding Neeson’s character and his family and someone getting taken… again?!

I knew it was coming, despite Neeson’s comments, but now instead of being angry with the rest of the world for paying to see this shit I figured I’d better get excited for whatever ridiculous plot that they plan on running with.

Maybe his family gets taken by Big Foot or some sort of Unicorn? Now that would be cool!

Taken 3 will probably land sometime within the next two years.

Also, I do not blame Neeson for making the third film. He’s supposedly getting $20 million for the role, which is a great deal of money. Good for him, but bad for us.

Source : Deadline


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