Legendary Details ‘Godzilla 2’ And Announces New ‘King Kong’ Film


Legendary Pictures has finally ended their deal with Warner Bros., which now partners them with Universal Studios.

Part of this means that they now have a few big properties to toy around with and possibly bring together.

Today at Comic-Con, they dropped some new hints at their upcoming sequel, Godzilla 2.

New monsters featured in the film are as follows:




I know very little about the Godzilla world, so this news doesn’t do much.

They also have unveiled a new King Kong film, which will focus more on Skull Island. Not much is known in regards to the film being a prequel, a sequel or something else entirely, but we do know that it will be an origins tale of some sorts.

Is anyone else out there hoping that they bring both franchises together for a mega-monster mash-up?


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