Leaked NYCC Trailer For Evil Dead Remake


I just don’t understand people on the internet that feel the need to completely bash or hate on a horror remake before even seeing it. I know I’m guilty of leaving some unexcited comments whenever a new one is announced, but I’ll never shun a film completely without at least giving it a watch.

There’s a new Evil Dead remake coming out and while I’m not jumping for joy to see it, I am interested. My biggest turnoff is Diablo Cody‘s name attached to the script, because I just can’t stand anything she writes. But I’m game for everything else, even the replacement of the iconic character Ash, which only Bruce Campbell can pull off.

This leaked trailer from NYCC (via JoBlo) shows off a ton of gore and shots used in the original. I love the insane tone and frantic camera work used here, because it reminds me so much of the original, while increasing the blood level and adding a very creepy sensation to the entire trailer. It looks promising, which is about as good as it’s going to get when talking about remakes of prized classics.

Bring it on.

*Video removed for copyright reasons*

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