Leaked Footage Of ‘Gears Of War’ Remaster For Xbox One

Ah, how I miss the video gaming days of my Xbox 360. I’ve always been a Sony PlayStation fan, but Microsoft had me originally with their Xbox 360.

That system was responsible for my weight gain and lack of social interactions, while a good friend and I sat around my house all weekend gaming it up and ordering pizza or ordering a pizza WHILE gaming it up, which was no easy task.

There was one game that really took my attention though and that was Gears of War. That was the first time that I realized the true potential of online gaming. I always enjoyed Halo and many other Xbox offerings, but nothing had my attention in terms of wanting to go online and machine gun other people in half or perhaps try my luck with co-op campaigns.

Gears of War did all of that for me and then some. It was one of the last games that I fully justified the $60 price tag, which is now something that I’m struggling with on my Xbox One, especially with so many studios pumping out pointless DLC packs that need to be purchased in addition to the original game, which could have fit all of that on it in the first place.

Anyways, the point of my article was not to rant and rave about my past video game experiences or why I play less and less these days, but to start getting excited for the Xbox One remastered edition of the original Gears of War.

I know that some might laugh at my hatred for DLC, yet my willingness to re-buy an entire game simply for a graphics overall. I fully admit that re-released editions are a joke, but Microsoft and Sony hate backwards compatibility, which means none of my 360 games work on my One, thus creating this situation where I want to play old games but can’t.

So, I’ll gladly take beefier graphics and perhaps more achievements or fun goodies if that means playing one of my favorite games…again!

I’ve shared a leaked video of the footage, with no official word of when the game is coming out just yet or that it’s even being developed.

Source : Windows Central

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