Latest ‘Venom’ Trailer Looks Fun

I’m not sure what happened with the comic book movie culture, but everyone and their mother has been bagging on Ruben Fleischer‘s upcoming anti-hero film Venom, starring Tom Hardy. These negative comments are from people that haven’t actually seen the movie and have also been dismissing it since before it was even greenlit for production.

Look, I loved Avengers: Infinity War and believe that we have come a very long way since Batman & Robin, but what’s the deal with completely dismissing anything that isn’t a Marvel-produced film?

Are we not allowed to have fun with these movies still? Not everything needs to be perfectly acted or even executed with the utmost seriousness.

Punisher: War Zone is easily one of my favorite comic book movies and it’s not because of its perfect story, but instead its ability to capture the character the I grew up reading, perfectly. Ray Stevenson‘s performance was spot-on and the ultra-violence was captured with an admittedly silly, yet authentic tone. It’s a brilliant and beautiful slice of campy revenge, done up with visual flare and an understanding for the character.

I never cared for Venom growing up, but that doesn’t mean that I am going to write this one off. People keep saying “12 year old boys are going to freak out over this movie” and I’m sitting over here like… A. that’s kinda weird to stereotype so specifically and B. I’m going to freak out over this movie — if it’s as good as the trailers are suggesting.

There’s a big chance that Fleischer shits the bed, but there’s also a chance that he’s nailed it and that Tom Hardy is perfect as one of Spider-Man’s most popular foes.

I’m open to Sony getting big and weird and taking chances on off-Spidey properties that might open up the doors for more R-rated stuff or even more stuff that’s not focused on The Avengers or are traditional heroes.

Venom might be over-saturated in other forms of media, but he’s only been in ONE movie and very briefly at that.

Let’s give Fleischer and Hardy the benefit of the doubt and see if their version of Venom is truly a bad ass take on an already known character. There’s a chance that this one is as goofy and as campy as it looks, but in a good way.

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