Latest ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Lightens Up

A lot is riding on David Ayer‘s darkly comedic DC mega-movie Suicide Squad. For some, it represents yet another “dark and gritty” DC movie to fall in line with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, while for others it’ll show us a side of DC that we haven’t quite seen before.

Does DC have what it takes to diversify and make something truly unique, similar to Marvel and their endless success?

This latest Suicide Squad trailer is definitely feeling more and more like a Guardians of the Galaxy gone bad, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, but not something we’d come to expect from Ayer, who not only directed the film, but also had a hand in writing it.

I like that we get a better look at our characters and how funny and crazy this film could possibly be.

I also feel like trailers are starting to become way too long, stretching well past two minutes, revealing more and more when they should be keeping a few things under wraps.

Still, I’m excited.



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