Latest Red Band Trailer For ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ Sets The Mood

Richard Linklater‘s Dazed and Confused is an all-time classic that represents a type of filmmaking that is often-times replicated, but rarely executed properly.

Linklater’s free-flowing structure, mixed with that general familiarity of having a good time helped create a film that’s both magical and approachable on many levels.

The idea of a “spiritual sequel” originally had me second guessing Linklater’s motives, but this latest red band trailer has helped ease my worries.

Everybody Wants Some!! looks like just as much fun as Dazed, mixing in a steady dose of laid back narrative with a sure to be fun time. I really do hope this film captures that same spark found in Dazed and reminds us that Linklater can still hang back and have fun.

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