Latest John Carter Trailer Is Still Uneventful

Yesterday I posted the latest poster for Disney’s John Carter. I mentioned how the poster was kind of dull and boring and that the second theatrical trailer would be coming soon. Well, it’s here thanks to Good Morning America and it’s still uneventful. It doesn’t do anything in terms of advancing the actual character of John Carter (played by Taylor Kitsch) and it doesn’t do anything to make the world of Mars worthy of a setting. Director Andrew Stanton either really missed the ball or Disney is horrible at cutting trailers.

John Carter should be an out of this world experience (literally) that’s full of adventure and alien creatures, not some no name who shows up on another planet and just kind of gets thrown into battle.

John Carter opens in 3D on March 9th, 2012.

Check out the trailer below, thanks to The Film Stage.

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