Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw is the mouthful of a title for the latest Dwayne Johnson/Jason Statham buddy-cop film that is coming out later this summer.

Director David Leitch is getting to play in the F&F sandbox by taking two of the most memorable characters in recent years and smashing them together in a film that isn’t just about racing cars.

This time around, Idris Elba plays an “enhanced” super solider bad guy that’s hell-bent on destroying the world. He’s basically a Terminator — or black Superman, as he states at one point in the trailer.

I have to admit, this movie looks like a ton of over-the-top cheese, which is probably going to be a lot of fun.

I know that some are complaining about its lack of F&F roots, but I’m honestly fine with a little shake-up after the horrid Fate of the Furious.

I will say that the whole Samoan bit at the end had me scratching my head. Is Rocky pulling his weight and trying to shove friends and family down our throat (see Roman Reigns) or is this actually going to work when stacked up with the overall story?

Hobbs & Shaw drops in theaters this August

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