Latest ‘Halloween Kills’ Trailer Is Absolutely Brutal

I’ll be the first to tell you that I wasn’t a huge fan of David Gordon Green‘s reboot/sequel Halloween. I will also fully admit that I’ve always considered the Halloween series to be less than say Friday the 13th or A Nightmare on Elm Street.

If I’m being even more honest, I must mention that I actually enjoyed Rob Zombie‘s Halloween remake and consider it one of the best Halloween films of them all, outside of the original and Season of the Witch.

That is why I was originally excited for David Gordon Green and Danny McBride‘s Halloween, because it looked to be returning to the roots of the original, but also giving us an updated, more modern look at the iconic slasher.

The film was fine, but I thought it lacked a certain punch that would make it stand out amongst the rest of the franchise. At least with Rob Zombie, we got a brutal and distinct vision of the birth of Michael Myers and then with the sequel, a mind-trip down Zombie Lane as he further explored the more mythical nature of the killer that can’t be stopped.

Yet here we are with this latest trailer for Halloween Kills, which very much looks more like a Zombie film than anything from the original series. The violence looks brutal and raw and I’m sure this thing is going to be heavy on the gore and the bodycount.

And I’m all for it!

The trailer does kind of give away what appears to be a lot of the overall plot, but I’m being told that there are still some fun kills stored away for the October release.

If this trailer is a solid indication of the final product, then consider me curious and mostly excited. I will enter with caution as these are the same filmmakers that gave us the previous film, but I am all for more horror sequels and for more slashers in general. Yes, the Halloween franchise doesn’t seem to know when to quit, but who is getting hurt by this continuation? Longtime fans are getting new entries and newcomers to the genre are getting a taste of what was once the most popular aspect of the horror genre — win win for all!

Halloween Kills opens exclusively in theaters this October.

Check out the trailer below, followed by an official synopsis and a new poster:

“And the Halloween night when Michael Myers returned isn’t over yet.

Minutes after Laurie Strode (Curtis), her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) left masked monster Michael Myers caged and burning in Laurie’s basement, Laurie is rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, believing she finally killed her lifelong tormentor.

But when Michael manages to free himself from Laurie’s trap, his ritual bloodbath resumes. As Laurie fights her pain and prepares to defend herself against him, she inspires all of Haddonfield to rise up against their unstoppable monster.

The Strode women join a group of other survivors of Michael’s first rampage who decide to take matters into their own hands, forming a vigilante mob that sets out to hunt Michael down, once and for all.

Evil dies tonight.”

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