Latest ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Clip Shows Supes Knocking Bats Down Hard

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice tickets went on sale this past Monday and I’ve already locked myself in for the 6pm IMAX showing on March 24th, even though I’ll be seeing it a few days earlier at a press screening.

I’m just that excited for it and I absolutely cannot wait to finally see what Zack Snyder‘s latest is all about.

Today, we’ve got a new very brief clip that shows Superman knocking Batman down pretty hard. I love the lighting, not to mention the fast-paced nature of the clip. It ends at just the right moment, giving us enough of a tease, but also sort of leveling with us and showing us what a Batman versus Superman brawl would kind of look like.

I’m really hoping the rest of the film works this well, I mean they do have to form the Justice League when this is all over.

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