The Last Of Us: Part II PSX 2016 Trailer Ushers In World Peace

I remember the moment that I experienced the conclusion to developer Naughty Dog‘s smash 2013 hit, The Last of Us. I remember the very subtle, nuanced character writing I had experienced over the course of twelve or so hours. And I certainly remember the ambiguous ending that, if I’m being completely honest, didn’t leave me quite satisfied. It didn’t wrap up its loose ends, but it didn’t necessarily feel like the precursor to a sequel we all knew was coming, either.


And now The Last of Us: Part II is officially on its way to Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro. The trailer itself is a beauty, with shots of dense woodlands and eventually Ellie plays us a little ditty on the ol’ guitar as Joel strolls in for some brief dialogue that is pretty self-explanatory, yet vague enough to keep me very excited.

As of yet, not a lot is known of setting or plot elements, other than Ellie being the player character. The, uh…very angry and bloodthirsty player character, if the trailer is any indication. The game’s director, Neil Druckmann, has noted that Part II is “a game about hate”, which is diametric to the narrative of the first game, and regarding the release date, that it is “a ways off.”

Source : Playstation.Blog

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