Laked ‘Deadpool’ Test Footage Is FREAKIN’ AWESOME


Look, I’ve never been the biggest Marvel fan. Sure, I love some of their movies, but when it comes to their lesser-known properties, I tend to approach with mild interest until I have a reason to get behind ’em.

Like their Deadpool character/movie. I thought Ryan Reynolds‘ portrayal of the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a noble effort that was mostly under-played, due to some weird decisions to not have the character speak at all, when he’s been notorious for being a rather mouthy and vocal individual.

Besides, why cast a comedic talent for a role that has no comedy, when he’s clearly clowning around at the beginning of the film?

Anyways, fans and many others have been championing an R-rated solo film for the character and my curiosity was immediately peaked. I love darker characters and when I read more into Deadpool I slowly started to realize that he’s exactly my type of comic book “hero” to root for.

He’s loud, obnoxious and does a bit of ass-kicking in between.

Enter this test footage, which was apparently created over at Fox for an R-rated take on the character, starring Ryan Reynolds.

The footage has managed to stay online (for the time being) and I sure hope it creates enough interest for Fox to greenlight the damn thing into production already.

Sure, it’s only a CGI sequence, but it’s hilarious, interesting and edgy in a way that’s unlike most current Marvel (and DC) properties.

I sure hope Fox gets going on this one before it’s too late.

DEADPOOL Test Footage [HD] by briangilmore


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