Kristen Stewart To ‘Focus’ With Ben Affleck

In two short weeks, the Twilight-saga is officially coming to an end (please, try not to get too upset). Kristen Stewart is preparing for her post-Twilight career with the upcoming adaptation On The Road that’s going to be released next month. Recently, it’s been reported that she’s going to take a surprising career turn and star in a con-drama that will have her appear with an actor no one would have expected.

Stewart is in talks to star opposite Ben Affleck in the Warner Bros. con-drama Focus. Originally set to star Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, the story centers on a veteran conman (Affleck) who becomes romantically involved with a newcomer (Stewart) and finds the relationship falling apart while on their criminal pursuit. When they meet again, the complications prove to have long-lasting effects. Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the talented duo behind ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’, wrote the screenplay and will be directing.

Kristen Stewart isn’t as bad of an actress as people say she is. Outside of the extremely bland Twilight series, Stewart has proven that she is talented when given a solid role. It’ll be interesting to see what she brings to the table in Focus. She’ll be playing a character that she has never portrayed, thus we may see a different side to her that we haven’t seen before. Knowing the fact that Glenn Ficarra and John Requa wrote the screenplay and has attracted Ben Affleck to a starring role, the material must certainly be good.

It’s expected that Focus will begin production in early 2013 before Ben Affleck’s schedule inevitably fills back up.

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