What We Know About Google’s Project Fi

Project Fi's homepageGoogle has been exploring an option to bring a new cell phone service that will compete with the likes of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. Google just officially launched their new service Project Fi and announced the plan rates. Not surprisingly, Project Fi is going to be like any other wireless service, except for a few differences. Here we will delve into those difference and what it’s going to cost you if you want to use it.

What we know so far:

You only pay for what you use. The service starts at $20 monthly, which covers unlimited talk & text, inexpensive international calls and international roaming at no additional cost. After that initial base fee, it’s $10 extra a month for each extra gigabyte of data you use.

Of course, if you use less data than your plan is set up to use per month you will receive the difference back. For example, you have your base $20 fee and you have a 3-gigabyte plan, this would cost $50 a month. However if you were to only use 1.5GB during the month you would receive a $15 credit to your account.

Even though the service is going to be competing against all the main competitors, it’s also going to be using their networks. That is because Google partnered with Sprint and T-Mobile to work off their towers. Along with working with those two you’ll be able to tap into more than a million free WiFi hotspots across the world. All of these options will greatly benefit the user as it will switch between all of the options and choose the faster connection at any given time. Google has also stated that even though you will be connecting to WiFi, all of your data will be encrypted to keep your data private.

Now for some of the cons when it comes to Project Fi’s service. At the current moment it’s an invite only service. This means that you must go to Google’s Project Fi website and request an invitation to be part of the service. Which isn’t necessarily bad in its own right, however there is another catch. You must be using a Nexus 6. Google is not supporting any other devices currently regardless if you have Google Hangout on it. I’m sure once they have gathered enough data and worked out all the bugs from those Nexus 6 users, they will open it up to more devices. As for now your options are to either wait or go buy a Nexus 6.

If Google is successful in this service it will only pave the way for more companies to sell their own wireless service. I can just imagine services with the Apple iPhone to start up. Just keep in mind, the problems with starting up a wireless service such as Project Fi, if and once it goes down with technical difficulties, people won’t be blaming Sprint or T-Mobile, it will be blaming Google for the disruptions.

Check out network and coverage that Google promises of their Project Fi below. If you want to see more specifically your location check it out here. Let us know what you think about Google’s new venture into the worlds wireless service below in the comments section.Project Fi's coverage

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