Killing Them Softly Pushed Back To November 30th

Damn it! Will you just release this film already? The Weinstein Company officially told Deadline that the Brad Pitt-starring film Killing Them Softly has now been moved back to November 30th, 2012, which means it won’t have any direct competition to open against. The film will be opening wide, which means that the usually slow weekend (right after Thanksgiving) might prove to be a profitable one for TWC.

The film was originally slotted for a September release, but then they swapped it with their other Oscar frontrunner, Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Master. Pushing Killing Them Softly back to October 19th wasn’t a smart plan though, because that pitted the film against Paramount’s Halloween cash cow Paranormal Activity 4.

You can view this most recent push in two different lights. The positive is that by pushing it back later that could mean that they have more faith in it as an Oscar contender, because the later a film is released the more likely it will get nominated, plus it now has an entire weekend to open.

The negative side is that seeing a film getting pushed back so many times, especially one starring Pitt, could mean that they actually don’t have much faith in the film and that they want to try and soften the blow any way possible.

Killing Them Softly opens on November 30th, 2012.

Watch the trailer below:

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