Kick-Ass 2 Coming Next Year From Universal Studios?

The news for Kick-Ass 2 keeps getting worse and worse. First, director Matthew Vaughn steps down because of his involvement with the X-Men: First Class sequel and now it looks like the film is getting thrown to the curb by Lionsgate and picked up by Universal Studios, who plans on hiring Cry_Wolf director Jeff Wadlow to direct the film, in which he penned the script for.

If this isn’t the shittiest news of the day then I honestly don’t know what is. Kick-Ass was my favorite film of 2010 and just the idea of a sequel happening makes my stomach turn. Why attempt continuing a story that felt 100% complete? If you absolutely MUST make a sequel then make sure it’s directed by the same person and housed at the same studio.

Do not hand off the film to a director who’s been known for directing crappy PG-13 horror flicks and the WORST horror film in existence (Cry_Wolf).

There’s even talk about Chloe Moretz possibly not returning as Hit-Girl, which would be a big mistake.

Aaron Johnson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse will probably end up returning, but I wish they wouldn’t.

If all goes well we should be seeing Kick-Ass 2 on the big screen sometime in May of next year.

(via Comic Book Movie and Spill)

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