Kevin Spacey Loses It In Father Of Invention Trailer

Woah, Kevin Spacey is rocking long hair and a weird looking beard in this very bland trailer for his upcoming film, Father of Invention. It’s kind of sad seeing such good talent go to waste, by good talent I mean Kevin Spacey, not Johnny Knoxville, Heather Graham or Craig Robinson.

The trailer really gives off a boring vibe to it and I really don’t care if I see the film either way. What are your thoughts on the matter? Does this one look like it has any promise or is it just another quick check for Spacey and the rest of the cast?

Father of Invention opens in limited release on October 14th, 2011.

Check out the trailer below, thanks to Hulu.


Infomercial guru, Robert Axle (Kevin Spacey) loses everything when one of his inventions has a design flaw that chops off the fingers of thousands of customers. After serving ten years in prison, Axle is released, and ready to rebuild his empire.

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