Kevin Smith On: Hit Somebody and Jay and Silent Bob’s Return!

Some people are sick of Kevin Smith, but I will always enjoy his movies.  He keeps talking about his next project, supposedly his last film, the hockey movie Hit Somebody.  During a SModcast event called Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, Smith released some more details on Hit Somebody and a new project he has in the works featuring his two most famous characters, Jay and Silent Bob.

First off, Smith said that Hit Somebody is taking longer than he thought, so while he was shooting for a Sundance 2013 premiere, he’s saying it’s more likely the film will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2013, next September.  He says the film will have a $15-20 million budget, and he’s still working on the script which is around 200 pages.  It won’t be a comedy, according to Smith, more like “Field of Dreams with hockey”, taking place between 1950 and 1980, so it will be a period piece.  It’s too big a budget to do a roadshow tour like he did with Red State, but Smith still has special plans for the release, including projecting the movie onto the ice at certain Canadian hockey rinks to be enjoyed by a crowd of people.  This won’t happen for a while though, as shooting should start in June or July.

The other news item he let slip was that he has teamed with Phase 4 Films to make Jay and Silent Bob’s Groovy Cartoon Movie, a feature length adventure starring his two most famous creations.  From the way he talks, it seems that production is well under way, as he wants to premiere the film at 2012’s Midnight Madness program at the Toronto International Film Festival, so here’s hoping it’s ready in time.  This conflicts with the statements Smith has made in the past, saying he’s done with Jay and Silent Bob, but I’m sure fans are rejoicing at this news.  The film is said to be a mix of animation and live action, and with Smith behind it, who knows what we can look forward to.  This won’t be the first foray into animation for the characters, as they previously appeared in the short-lived Clerks animated series that aired a few episodes on ABC before getting cancelled only a few episodes in.  The show has gained a cult following, as with most of Smith’s work, via the DVD release.

(via MovieBuzzers)

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