Kevin Smith Now Planning On Ending His Run With Clerks III

Damn you Kevin Smith. Just when I finish defending your weird late-career choices you come back and hit us with an announcement. An announcement that confirms Clerks III as your last cinematic effort.

I was going to run another story about Kevin Smith, but I figured it would be best to just combine it with this recent announcement of Clerks III, because it all has to do with Kevin Smith continuing to ruin his name as a filmmaker.

His last film was supposed to be the hockey epic titled Hit Somebody, which he planned to split into two. Then he announced that it was getting compacted down to one film and now most recently a TV show mini-series.

So Hit Somebody will shoot sometime next year and run as a mini-series following.

That means that he won’t be lying when he calls Clerks III his official last film, because Hit Somebody is technically a show now.

Smith in my mind is now just beating the dead corpse, trying to milk whatever fans he has left, by bringing back Randal and Dante for one more effort. I’m a member of that super-rare camp that prefers Clerks II to the original Clerks, but I have absolutely no reason to voice my opinion for a third movie to be made. He stretched it out enough to get a second film to work and there really is no reason to bring them all back again, unless he’s solely looking for a quick payday before galloping off into the sunset.

Why are you doing this to us Kevin? After all of these years of support! Just stop.

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