Kevin Smith Discusses Why He’s Retiring From Filmmaking

Director Kevin Smith will always go down in the books as one of the most influential pioneers of the 90s indie boom. He and many other talented filmmakers did some incredible things with less-than shoestring budgets and he should be applauded. Clerks might not be the best motion picture ever made, but it’s certainly an achievement for Smith as a filmmaker that should at the very least be respected.

I recently mentioned on a podcast episode how I thought the film was a tad over-rated, but I’d like to clarify that I was judging the film alone and not what it did for the indie scene or Smith as a filmmaker.

It’s no secret that Kevin Smith wants to retire after his hockey epic Hit Somebody, which is rumored to be 2 and a half hours in length, cut down from previously being two complete films. Many think Smith is bitter and simply reacting to the over-whelming amount of hate that has been shot in his direction, while others think he’s truly done because he’s ran out of ideas or drive to continue making movies.

These videos below with Larry King suggest the latter, but I’m still inclined to think that he’s slightly bitter towards the back-lashing he’s received after making Cop Out and even the controversial Red State, which I enjoyed very much.

I really hope this isn’t all some big stint for Smith to talk about on his podcast show. I really do respect certain parts of his career, but he’s becoming overly self-obsessive lately. His whole roadshow event for Red State charged somewhere around $50 bucks a ticket to see the film, with a Q and A after. I know that he personally funded that whole thing, but that’s a little excessive and it sends the wrong messages to people that love indie filmmaking. The VOD market is relatively cheap and hassle-free, so why didn’t Smith go that route?

Anyone else worried that Hit Somebody might not be the proper sendoff and instead more of an angry hate letter towards those that gave up on Smith?

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