Katy Perry To Partner Up With Paramount’s Insurge For 3D Film

Those of you that just couldn’t get enough of the Justin Bieber 3D film that Paramount released last year will be glad to hear that Paramount’s Insurge label (recently released The Devil Inside) will be partnering up with Katy Perry to release a 3D film this summer! The film will be titled Katy Perry: Part of Me.

But that’s not all; super-fans have a chance to get involved with the project by visiting Katy Perry‘s Twitter page. Twitter and Paramount are teaming up in order to deliver the ultimate fan experience. Use the hashtag #KP3D and connect with other fans out there to help sculpt the final film.

As much as I don’t care for concert films I must give credit to Perry and Paramount for thinking up such a concept. I bet fans are going to eat up the marketing for this film. It’s a smart plan to let the audience get involved as it builds guaranteed hype and makes for discussion that will build up from now until the film comes out.

Those interested in the film probably won’t be turned away by an added $2 or $3 dollars for the extra dimension. I remember when the Kenny Chesney concert/movie/whatever thing was charging like $20 per ticket! That’s outrageous!

Are there any Katy Perry fans out there actually looking forward to this?


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