Justice League Might Be In Its Own Universe

Poor old WB and DC. They just can’t seem to get a grip on their films and what to do with them. Our latest Justice League news is from an unconfirmed WB source (via Batman On Film) that has posted this quote regarding Justice League being set in a new universe, different than the previous Batman and Green Lantern films and the upcoming Man of Steel:

“It’s being produced as if NOTHING else exists.”

This is unconfirmed and I sure hope it turns out to be false. One thing that Marvel has going for it is the connective tissue that all of their current films share. I get that WB kind of messed that up with The Dark Knight and Green Lantern feeling nothing alike, but they still have time to establish a new universe and maybe tie in a few other characters while they’re at it.

Let’s just scrape Batman off the table, because Nolan is done and his world is unlike any other comic-book movie world. Start fresh with a new Batman making an appearance in the Justice League film. Green Lantern can either go fresh or stick to Ryan Reynolds, I really don’t think anyone cares about that one.

Man of Steel has been rumored to be the only tie-in, which means they should really focus on getting that character in line, because I guarantee no one will want to watch Man of Steel and then have to be reintroduced to a new Superman in Justice League.

It’s just going to get too messy and confusing for casual fans and it will become extremely annoying for us comic-book/movie nerds.

Should DC/WB really move ahead with Justice League that has no ties to previous films or should they try and connect it somehow before it’s too late?

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