Justice League Coming In 2015

Justice League news has been clogging up most of the media circuits ever since The Avengers proved to be one massive success. We’ve talked and talked about casting, release dates, writing and even directing, but not so much about when the actual film was coming out.

We know that WB is planning a reverse-Avengers approach, which means they want to make Justice League and then do spinoff films afterwards, establishing the characters as a team, before riding solo. That’s how they used to do things, up until Marvel’s precise Phase One proved to be something worth looking into.

LA Times is reporting that WB wants Justice League to hit in the summer of 2015, now that they’ve won a Superman lawsuit that would have possibly screwed up the rights to the character. The actual story is kind of sad, but not all that shocking, but can be read in detail if you link on the sourced link.

Are you ready for the Justice League yet?

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