Just Go With It Review

Just yesterday I had the opportunity to get advanced tickets to go see Just Go With It. I had not seen any trailers for it and decided what the heck, I’ll watch one. Upon watching the trailer it looked like it could be funny, but then again it looked like the storyline was going to be terrible. I found myself more entertained than I originally thought I was going to be. But then again, I did walk into the movie with really really, really low expectations.

Just Go With It follows Adam Sandler playing a character named Danny. Danny has been going out to clubs to hook up with ladies. He was doing this by pretending that he was married and that it was a really bad marriage and that he was treated like dirt. His way of looking at it was that it was no strings attached sex and nobody gets hurts. All of this is going wonderful until he meets someone that he really falls for. He was able to hook up with this women, named Palmer, without her knowing anything about the wedding ring. The morning after she finds the wedding ring and flips out on him. From there all the lies start. Jennifer Aniston‘s character Katherine, Danny’s secretary at his office, told him to tell Palmer that he is ending it and getting a divorce. Palmer believes him under one circumstance, that she gets to meet the soon to be ex wife. All three of them eventually go out and get some dinner, getting to know each other. All would seem to be going really well for Danny until Katherine takes a phone call. All the sudden it isn’t just those three in the web of lies anymore. Danny brings in Katherine’s kids to pretend that they are his. As you can see in the movie poster they end up on the beach pretending to be happy and what not. Throughout the storyline there is another twist thrown in the mix and then it becomes a little more interesting.

Personally I haven’t really been a big fan of Jennifer Aniston, except for Friends. Even in that sometimes it was a stretch to be a “fan”. I wasn’t very impressed with her acting in this one either. Throughout the movie I didn’t feel like her acting was very genuine, at times it seems forced. Eh, I’ll just stick to movies without her from now I guess. Now onto Adam Sandler. I tend to like Adam Sandler in movies. However, that being said I haven’t seen a whole lot of his most recent movies. I really like him in Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and Reign Over Me, just to name a few. Sandler throughout this film is his normal stupid yet funny self. He tended to have most of the funny one bit lines. Sandler’s girlfriend in this movie is played by Brooklyn Decker. To be honest I have never heard that name before. Upon looking up her history on IMDB it looks as though she is a model that is just starting to make the cross over into acting.

All in all I wasn’t very impressed with this movie even though it entertained a little bit. You have to remember I went into this film with really really low expectations. Had I gone in with higher than those expectations I would have been even more disappointed. The movie was predictable from the very moment I saw the trailer, which never helps the movie out. I’m glad that I didn’t have to pay for this movie, that is the perks of getting advanced tickets sometimes.

Simply put: Just Go Without It.

Just Go With It – 6.5/10

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